Kandeyce Jorden began painting more than twelve years ago, but this is the first time she has shown her work publicly. Her first canvases were little more than a release and an escape. She had recently left a fashion merchandising career in San Francisco and moved to Los Angeles to act. While studying her craft, she turned to painting as away to tap into her nascent creativity.

Her decision to act was also more of an exploration of her abilities than a career decision. She certainly didn’t expect to get a starring role in Miguel Arteta’s STAR MAPS, but that’s exactly what happened, and earned her acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival, and from there she acted in several more films and commercials.

Her artistic ideas were becoming more complex and universal, and she began to incorporate different media, as well as collage and even photography into her work to be able to keep up with her own vision.

Simultaneously, Kandeyce began to see filmmaking as more than her own performance, and she turned to directing and editing her own films. Her short film, UNDONE, won first prize at the NoDance Film Festival in 2001. She has also directed LAYOVER, an erotic and charming story for Skyy Vodka. Currently, she’s finishing a feature documentary, GIRL, about top club DJ Sandra Collins. Click HERE to visit Kandeyce's film web site.

Today, Kandeyce has accumulated several hundred canvases and yet considers herself just beginning to find her way as an artist. The work in this show is her most recent and some of her most compelling, honest work so far.